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Direct quotes of Kevin

"If they say a word about it we're going to fork their tongues."

"We'll have to put our noses down and lose a little skin."

"I need (responsibility for) that sent to him so I can pin it on his forehead."

"We're gonna really corn-hole them."

"More than two can play that game - and I've got more than two."

"We need to make it through this with a clean shirt on."

"We won't get shoe-horned twice."

"They shit on our foreheads, we're not going to just sit here and not escalate on them."

"W'ere going to watch it like a magnifying glass."

"You're just picking those (examples) out of the black."

"We don't want anyone to end up being a sore thumb in our sides."

"The more that happens, the less times it'll happen."

"Don't go for the whole plate of food - just go for the apple."

"It's like tying ourselves to a crippled dog."

"Body Odor hides heritage like a bad tatoo."

"He jumps on any overturned acorn."

"We're in a pocket, alright."

"It's like making a chocolate cake to kill a horsefly."

"Let's not go down any candy lane."

"We need to mark their foreheads with that."

"They're going up the wall for it."

"I'm not going to stand firm and let people pee on us. I'm going to get out of the way and stand firm somewhere else."

"Make it so we can catch up to getting behind more quickly."

"It's like taking a dump in a horse's mouth."

"Let's shut the can on them."

"That's like going to the store to pick up ingredients for a cake and coming home with some eggs."